Matt N

Tell us about yourself. (Age? Occupation? How long have you been CrossFitting?)

6’2, 25 years old, 78kg. Started CrossFit February 2017

What made you start CrossFit?

I came across some YouTube videos of the CrossFit Games. I watched these guys walking on their hands, lifting stupid weights just pushing themselves to the absolute limit. Had no idea what it was all about but knew I wanted to be a part of it. I love pushing myself to see how far I can go and wanted to learn all these new movements and get a piece of the action. So I found CrossFit King’s Lynn and they haven’t got rid of me yet!

What have you learned since joining CrossFit King’s Lynn?

I have learned so many new movements and skills I never even thought about before. I have learned a lot about myself and what I am truly capable of if I put my mind to it. Anyone can do anything if they want it bad enough it just takes hard work and consistency. Consistency is key!

What do you enjoy most about CFKL or CrossFit in general?

It’s like a big family at CFKL – everyone’s friendly and willing to help each other out and cheer each other on. We all just want each other to succeed. Doesn’t matter if you drop in or come every day – it’s always welcoming. The other thing I love is the competitiveness. It’s always easier to push that little bit more if you’re chasing the guy/girl next to you.

What is your proudest CrossFit moment?

Handstand walks and muscle ups are possibly my proudest achievements. The best thing about them is that you can always be better, just like anything.

What is your favourite movement/lift? Least favourite?

Power Clean is my favourite movement.

What are your CrossFit goals? How close are you to reaching them?

My goal is to just keep enjoying it as much as I do now forever. I honestly just love putting in the work every day and getting a little better each time.

When you are not CrossFitting? What is your favourite thing to do?

I like to be outside, bike riding or something as simple as walking through the woods keeps me happy. I do love a good lazy day indoors binge watching movies though don’t get me wrong!

What is the one tip you’d give someone who is thinking about starting CrossFit or who has just started?

Just do it, don’t even think! And if you have started, don’t stop! It gets so much better.

What is your diet like? Has it changed since starting CrossFit?

For me personally I have to keep a close eye on my diet just to make sure I’m getting enough in. It could be better and then it could be worse, I try to find a happy medium.

Results? Tell us about your results.

Just over a year and a half of CrossFitting has made me stronger and fitter than I have ever been before. The gym was nothing new to me but this style of training is like no other, you really can’t understand it until you’ve done it.

What impact has CFKL had on your life in and outside of the gym?

It’s changed my mindset on how I approach a new challenge or task. Improving my strength and fitness has helped me at work no end being in a physical job. If I have to lift or move things I see it as a challenge and won’t let anything beat me.

What is one fun thing about you that we may not know yet?

I can juggle and walk on my hands, so I’m basically a clown right?

If you could create a WOD (Workout of the Day), what would it look like?

It would probably be something like 7 rounds of 7 chest to bar pull ups, 7 power cleans and 7 handstand push ups.

What were your thoughts after your first WOD?

It took me as long to recover as it did to do the workout, but all I was thinking is how I’m going to beat that time next time!

How would you compare your first experiences to workouts today?

They still leave me in a sweaty mess on the floor, but my recovery time is so much faster and the pain during the workout gets easier to endure. Your mindset changes from “when is this going to be over?” to “I’m gonna crush this workout and I won’t stop until I get it done!”

What has been the hardest/most challenging part of your journey so far?

I used to get a little upset with myself when I couldn’t perform as well as I thought I should be doing, but I’ve come to learn that some days are better than others and as long as you give it your all every day then there’s nothing more you can do. You win some you lose some. I welcome a bad day now as a new challenge. OK, it’s not going my way but I’ll find some good somewhere out of it. Can’t beat your last time or weight? It doesn’t matter – I just won’t quit, I’ll give everything I have right now and that’s all I can do – because at the end of the day doing something is better than doing nothing.

Who is your favourite CrossFit athlete? Who do you look up to?

Brent Fikowski – mainly because he is a taller guy like me and proves that it really doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short. If you work hard enough anything is possible.


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